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Elder law and karaoke?


What does elder law and karaoke have in common?  Not much, really.  However, it’s what I can do with both that have made a real difference in my life.

I have always enjoyed singing.  I think I have a pretty decent voice (I’m not going to win “America’s Got Talent” but I can carry a tune – just ask my husband).  I always used to think it would be fun to be a singing attorney, and I found it amazing that Andrea Bocelli actually was an attorney who was discovered singing in a bar.  That’s pretty cool!

Singing has always been a hobby for me.  It was something that calmed my nerves and always puts me in a positive frame of mind.  Since 5th grade, I knew I wanted to be an attorney, so I studied hard and made my dream come true.

So, how did these two things that I love to do collide?  Well, one night, I was singing karaoke with my best friend and my husband, and we were talking about the fact that there are not enough good places to sing karaoke in the Brandon/Valrico area (where I live and practice law).  Coincidentally, my best friend, Irma Davila, also happens to be my marketing guru and, when we are out having fun, we usually are talking about business, too.

During the course of the conversation, I mentioned how fun it would be to blend elder law with karaoke and do the two things I love the most.  And, somehow, out of that conversation, Karaoke with the Seniors was born!

Why not take karaoke to the assisted living facilities and nursing homes in our area – they would probably appreciate the entertainment, Irma and I would get a chance to sing and entertain, and it would provide a great way to meet the seniors and nursing home staff who may need legal assistance.  Karaoke for the Seniors  gives me the opportunity to give back to my community by entertaining the seniors, bringing smiles to their faces, and helping bring back some cherished memories for them.

Since many of the facilities are memory care units, we have had to learn a lot of older songs we’ve never heard of — and always end the night with “Goodnight Sweetheart”.  It is a true joy to see their faces light up when they remember the songs.  We are happy to have The Bridges, Superior Residences of Brandon and Savannah Court on either monthly or quarterly rotation.

Regularly, we have invited others to join us if they care to sing.  Arthur Moseley, a Tampa home-care provider CEO,  joins us regularly and even began Karaoke for the seniors on the other side of the county. It is great to see the notion spreading — as we have come to really enjoy our time with our “regulars” who now love to sing with us – even the staff will get up and sing too!

Laurie Ohall is a board certified elder law attorney practicing in Brandon, Florida.  Contact Ms. Ohall today if you are in need of elder law, probate or guardianship assistance.


Laurie Ohall

Laurie Ohall is a Florida Board Certified Elder Law Attorney based in Brandon (Tampa), Florida. Ms. Ohall is a sought after expert in the area of elder law, probate, estate planning, special needs planning and guardianship. You can find her on twitter at @ohalllaw,  LinkedIn, Facebook , and Google +.


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