8 Things Tampa Bay Seniors Can Do to Educate Themselves About Debt

As a Tampa Bay elder law attorney, one of the frequent types of calls I receive are calls from senior citizens who are worried about their credit card or health care bills.  Sometimes, for a senior, it is a struggle to pay their rent and other bills, and there just is not enough money to cover the credit card debt or outstanding medical bills. 
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Tampa Bay Will and Trust Lawyers Warn Millennials to Move Estate Planning to The Top of the Priority List

Wills and trusts are only something you need when you are older and approaching the end of your life…right?  This assumption is probably why most people think that our Tampa Bay will and trust lawyers at the Law Offices of Laurie E. Ohall only work with retired individuals looking for the best way to leave their assets to their adult children. The truth is
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Tampa Bay Estate Attorney: 3 Disadvantages of Joint Tenancy with an Adult Child

Joint tenancy is a great tool for estate planning but it does not work in every situation. It is typically used for couples or business partners. As a Tampa Bay Estate Attorney, I’m sometimes asked the question “Will joint tenancy be a good way to pass assets to our child?” Normally the answer is “no” as this can cause a number of problems. Problem
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Brandon Guardianship Lawyer Asks Parents to Answer 3 Questions Before Naming Your Children’s Guardian. Even if you think you know!

Many parents put a lot of thought into who would be best suited to raise their children if they were unexpectedly incapacitated or passed away. Most of the time, parents will choose someone that the family is “close to” and that can meet the emotional needs of the child. While these traits are certainly important, one thing that is often overlooked is the financial
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Tampa Bay Special Needs Lawyers: Critical Choices for Your Child’s Special Needs Trust

If you are a parent of a child with special needs, you face a whole range of challenges that you probably didn’t expect. One of the unique issues our Tampa Bay Special Needs Lawyers realize that you face is planning for your child’s future as an adult… and perhaps a future that doesn’t include you. Unlike other parents, you need to get a solid
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Tampa Bay Will Lawyer: 6 Things to Know When Buying Life Insurance

Life Insurance policies are an important part of estate planning for many individuals. It is a great way to provide financial security for your heirs when you pass away. However, as a Tampa Bay Will Lawyer, I must warn that there are several issues that people don’t properly consider when buying insurance policies. Here is what you should know before executing your life insurance
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Will Your Estate Plan Work the Way You Think? Brandon Estate Planning Lawyer Says, “Take This Quiz and Find Out!”

As a Brandon Estate Planning Lawyer, I want you to know that your estate plan is the legal foundation that will ensure that your family benefits from the legacy you’ve spent a lifetime to build. In a way, your estate plan is a reflection of your life. Because your life is constantly evolving due to births, marriages and other significant events, your estate plan
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Brandon Estate Attorney Answers, “Do you need a Last Will & Testament or a Revocable Living Trust?”

The Last Will and Testament and Revocable Living Trust are the most common documents used in estate planning. They are both legal documents that you can use to provide instructions about what happens to your assets upon your death. But, even though they can do the same thing, they are used for very different purposes. Unless you are a Brandon Estate Attorney and you
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Emergency Plan for Caregivers in Brandon

Emergency Plan for Caregivers in Brandon by Dana Kemper and Laurie Ohall Caregivers in Brandon have lots of concerns when caring for their loved ones, including what happens to their loved one if something happens to them.  Each month, our firm provides tips and information from not only our own knowledge base, but resources in the community that work with seniors and/or persons or
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