Benefits of Working with a Tampa Special Needs Attorney to Plan for Your Child’s Future Care Needs

Tampa special needs attorneyWorking with a Tampa special needs planning attorney gives you the opportunity to set up the best possible scenario for your child with special needs after you’re no longer able to provide care on your own.

A special needs lawyer in Florida can help you determine how to pay for your child’s expenses after your death, and also how to appoint guardians for your child, whether he or she is a minor or an adult who needs assistance. This way, you can have a say in how the money will be used on your child’s behalf and who will step into the role of caretaker when you can no longer serve.

It also helps to have a professional by your side who is well-versed in the choices you will need to make concerning your child’s care. Because of expertise in multiple areas of the law, a special needs attorney will help you understand how an inheritance can affect government benefits that your child is eligible to receive. It makes sense to work with a lawyer who is knowledgeable about such benefits, including how to avoid losing them, instead of risking your child’s income by going it alone.

One area that many parents of children with special needs don’t take into account is how to protect the child from debts or lawsuits. A qualified special needs planning lawyer can help families create a way to shield the child’s money from predators by drafting a Special Needs Trust with proper protections in place. Instead of ending up in such a situation where your child is left without any money due to a lawsuit or liability, your child will have income to cover their needs for daily living, medical needs, and other expenses.

An additional benefit of choosing to work with a special needs planning attorney is their ability to help you choose and educate a successor trustee. The lawyer can guide your chosen trustee when it comes to managing the trust assets left behind to care for your child with special needs. Your choice of trustee is incredibly important, as your child will rely on this person to make decisions in their best interests. An experienced special needs planning lawyer can offer advice and guidance on how to choose the right person to fill this role.

If you would like to receive more information about working with a special needs planning attorney to create a Special Needs Trust, or if you currently have a Special Needs Trust and would like to have it reviewed to ensure it meets all your needs, please set up an appointment at the Law Office of Laurie E. Ohall by calling (813) 438-8503.



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