New Numbers for Medicaid in 2017

For those who are receiving SSI or nursing home Medicaid, there are new numbers to know for 2017.  SSI is Supplemental Security Income which is a stipend paid to those individuals who are low-income and are either 65 or older, blind or disabled.  The maximum benefit increased in 2017 from $733 per month to $735 per month.

If you are an individual who receives benefits for nursing home care (or in-home or assisted living care), you cannot qualify for Medicaid unless your income is below the income cap amount of $2,205 per month for 2017.  The asset limit for nursing home Medicaid recipients is still $2,000.  However, there was a slight increase in the assets the community spouse may keep.  The Community spouse resource allowance for 2017 is $120,900 (increased from $119,220).

Do you have questions about SSI or nursing home Medicaid?  Want a further explanation for the new numbers for Medicaid in 2017?  Attorneys Laurie Ohall and Dana Kemper would be happy to talk to you.  They offer a free 15 minute telephone call to discuss general information and questions.  Please contact us or call the office at 813-438-8503 to schedule a complimentary phone consultation.

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