No Name-Calling Week is January 16 to January 20

Totally off the topic of legal news, did you know that January 16 to January 20, 2017 is No Name-Calling week?  Given the Presidential campaign which we had to endure for the last year and a half, wouldn’t it be nice to experience some kindness from our President-elect?  Do you wonder if he can tweet kind tweets for an entire week without any name-calling? Here’s hoping. Why don’t we all start the week off by tweeting to @realDonaldTrump – Sir, it is No Name-Calling Week. Let’s celebrate the start of your new term by being NICE to everyone.  #nonamecalling.

Let’s celebrate kindness at the beginning of this new year by putting it into action.  I also think it is important to show our children how to be kind and how to show respect, acceptance and inclusion to others.  Have you ever listened to the names your kids use to describe others?  The “populars”?   The “jocks”?  The cliques that we create in school as kids seem so much bigger the older we get, don’t they?  The Hispanics.  The African Americans.  The LGBTQ’s.  The Muslims.  The Christians.  The Atheists.  Why do we have to assign names to everyone?  Why can’t we just all get along?

Have you seen the picture on Facebook where it looks like an x-ray of a skeleton and you cannot tell if the person is white, black, female, male, transgender, yellow, brown, etc.? We need to start learning (even as adults) how to be more tolerant of each other.  And, it only works if we start teaching it in our schools.  Enough with the violence and hateful rhetoric – let’s teach civility and tolerance.  It is ok to not have the same opinion as everyone else but we need to learn to listen to each other.  Really talk to each other with respect.

If you are interested in learning more about the tolerance movement, please check out  The website has invaluable information about how to promote being more tolerant, civil and respectful.

And also check out for tips on how to bring this information into the classroom for all ages.

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