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8 Things Tampa Bay Seniors Can Do to Educate Themselves About Debt

As a Tampa Bay elder law attorney, one of the frequent types of calls I receive are calls from senior citizens who are worried about their credit card or health care bills.  Sometimes, for a senior, it is a struggle to pay their rent and other bills, and there just is not enough money to cover the credit card debt or outstanding medical bills. 
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For Professionals, Tampa Asset Protection Is More Necessary Than You Think!

Tampa Asset Protection is critical to help working professionals protect their life’s work from financial risk. When most people think about asset protection in Tampa, they picture extremely wealthy people who “hide” assets overseas.  This is simply not what asset protection planning is, especially for the average business professional in our community. Simply put, a solid asset protection plan involves using legal tools such
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Seniors: Beware of This IRS Phone Scam in Florida

How to deal with a frightening IRS phone scam in Florida. As tax time approaches, scammers are actively targeting our most vulnerable seniors in the Tampa Bay area with IRS threats and hoaxes.  Each year, IRS scams manifest themselves in a variety of ways, including direct mail solicitations, email solicitations or harassing phone calls.  As a Tampa Bay elder law attorney, I often receive
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Tampa Bay Asset Protection Strategies for New Physicians

Discover Tampa bay asset protection strategies for new physicians.  If you are just beginning your career as a physician, congratulations!  You are probably working through some tough “newbie” decisions that can ultimately be life-changing. Should I join a practice or start my own? Do I want to move my family to a new state or start my career here at home? The questions go
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