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Older Veterans May Be Entitled to Additional VA Benefits to Cover Long-Term Care Expenses | Tampa Elder Lawyers

Tampa elder lawyers have good news for wartime veterans and their spouses that a little- known benefit from the VA exists to help cover costs associated with long-term care. Understanding the Aid & Attendance Benefit The Aid and Attendance Pension is a 3-tiered tax-free benefit that is available for wartime veterans and their spouses who need financial assistance or simply need help covering the
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Tampa Bay Elder Lawyers: 5 Preventive Steps to Help Your Elderly Loved One Avoid Financial Exploitation

Tampa Bay Elder Lawyers often warn that elderly loved ones are at increased risk of financial exploitation. Scammers target the older generation knowing that their cognitive abilities are likely in decline and that they are not typically tech-savvy. Predators can rob your loved one of their entire life savings – we’ve seen it.  That is why we have put together this list of five
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Brandon Elder Lawyer: Think Twice Before Authorizing ALL Your Kids to Serve as Medical Power of Attorney

Any Brandon Elder Lawyer will tell you that naming someone to act as your Medical Power of Attorney is a crucial part of estate planning.  However, this is not always an easy decision.  Most people will choose an adult child for this role, but when you have multiple children, the decision can get a bit more complicated. There are many problems that can arise
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8 Things Tampa Bay Seniors Can Do to Educate Themselves About Debt

As a Tampa Bay elder law attorney, one of the frequent types of calls I receive are calls from senior citizens who are worried about their credit card or health care bills.  Sometimes, for a senior, it is a struggle to pay their rent and other bills, and there just is not enough money to cover the credit card debt or outstanding medical bills. 
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Emergency Plan for Caregivers in Brandon

Emergency Plan for Caregivers in Brandon by Dana Kemper and Laurie Ohall Caregivers in Brandon have lots of concerns when caring for their loved ones, including what happens to their loved one if something happens to them.  Each month, our firm provides tips and information from not only our own knowledge base, but resources in the community that work with seniors and/or persons or
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Brandon Elder Law Lawyer: “The Uncomfortable, but Essential Conversation You Should Have with Your Parents”

Brandon Elder Law Lawyer, Laurie Ohall, speaks to the importance of having a legal plan in place when you are caring for aging parents and young children at the same time. We are all very busy living life. The daily grind of work and taking care of the family keeps you hopping, I’m sure. However, there may soon come a time when your parents
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New Numbers for Medicaid in 2017

For those who are receiving SSI or nursing home Medicaid, there are new numbers to know for 2017.  SSI is Supplemental Security Income which is a stipend paid to those individuals who are low-income and are either 65 or older, blind or disabled.  The maximum benefit increased in 2017 from $733 per month to $735 per month. If you are an individual who receives
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What Is Medicare Observation Status?

Over the last several years, there has been a trend towards placing Medicare hospital patients who are receiving “medically necessary” treatment, which was ordered by their doctor, under Medicare observation status.  What this does is makes the person an “outpatient” as opposed to admitting them as an “inpatient”.  Some patients have even been in the hospital receiving treatment and testing for weeks and never
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Florida Homestead

Homestead property in Florida enjoys protection against creditor claims and receives preferential property tax treatment.  Florida homestead is also burdened with restrictions as to when and how it can be transferred, both during life and at death. Here is a brief summary of some of the benefits and burdens. Benefit: Protection Against Creditors The Florida Constitution provides protections for homestead property in Florida, but
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Whom Should I Choose to be Personal Representative of My Estate?

This month, I am focusing on the topic of Probates and why we want to avoid them.  Click here to read about last week’s article –What is Probate and Why Do I Want to Avoid It.  This week, I would like to discuss reasons why you want to do a probate and who you should choose to be the Personal Representative or Executor of your estate. 
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