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What to expect when you call an Estate Planning & Elder Law Attorney

As you may see from past blog posts, I get many ideas about what to write in my posts from the phone calls I receive on a weekly basis.  I get at least one phone call a week (usually, it is more than that) wanting to know how much it costs for a Durable Power of Attorney, or how much it costs to do
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End of Life Discussions – What Would Your Doctor Do?

I read an article recently posted by NPR entitled “Knowing How Doctors Die Can Change End-of-Life Discussions.” Surprisingly, almost 90 percent of doctors facing a terminal illness would forgo resuscitation and aggressive treatment. Most doctors would rather die at home, peacefully, than die in a hospital. According to this article, a majority of seniors would also rather die a gentle death, yet they often
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Protecting Children With Special Needs

The Florida legislature this year actually managed to pass some meaningful legislation protecting children with special needs.  One such law was the Regis Little Act which is designed to protect children in foster care who have special needs and are aging out of the system.  Governor Scott signed this act into law on June 10, 2015.  The act came into being because of Regis
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6 Biggest Estate Planning Mistakes

Estate planning is planning for your own incapacity or death and how you want things handled when the time comes (because it will come – nobody lives forever!).  These are the 6 biggest estate planning mistakes that I have seen in the last 20 years of practice: 1.Thinking estate planning is for the wealthy.  How many times do I hear, “I don’t really have
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Joan Rivers’ Health Scare and Why You Should Have a Living Will

Prior to her death, there was a lot of conversation going on about Joan Rivers’ health issues following a minor vocal procedure, and the fact that she was in a medically induced coma on life support. Once her daughter, Melissa, had reported that she had been moved into a private room and was being kept comfortable, most people (especially those in the medical profession)
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Why a “Do It Yourself Will” becomes more expensive in the long-run

A ‘Do It Yourself Will’ may be an inexpensive route, but… A potential client called my office to discuss the probate of her mother’s home now that the mother has passed away.  She told me how she prepared a Will for her mother to sign (she’s not an attorney or paralegal – she just used a form she found on the Internet) and how
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(Un)Married with Children

Love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage?  Maybe not. There have been many reports over the last year discussing the increase in the number of couples that are living together, having children and are not married.  I would venture to guess that more than half of those couples do not have an estate plan.  I say this because statistics show that
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Top 10 Reasons People Procrastinate about Estate Planning

Are you guilty, as most American adults are, of putting off your estate planning? As an estate planning attorney, I’ve heard all of the excuses as to why — They are intimidated by the process. Estate planning does not have to be intimidating – you just need to know what to expect. Most attorneys will have you fill out a questionnaire that lists your
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Durable Power of Attorney – Why does your eighteen year old need one?

Do you have children that have turned eighteen or about to turn eighteen? Do you have children that are in college or on their way to college? A few things every parent should know when your child turns 18 Did you realize that once your child turns eighteen your rights as their parent cease to exist (and this also applies to the parent of
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Should I draft my own estate planning documents?

You’ve seen the commercials with OJ Simpson’s attorney telling you to go to a certain website, put in some information, and you can prepare your own estate planning documents with the click of a mouse.  And I say – absolutely, go ahead and do that. Why would I say that?  Because, chances are very good that you will need my services when, at some
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