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I was on my parent’s bank account – does this have to go through probate?

That depends on how the bank account was titled.  Assets must go through Florida probate only if they are owned solely in the decedent’s name at death.  In other words, there were no co-owners on the asset nor were there beneficiary designations (such as with life insurance or retirement accounts).  Examples of assets that must go through probate in Florida are bank or investment
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The Sandwich Generation- Care for the Caregiver

“The Sandwich Generation”: those caught between caring for their aging parents and their own children. Many Baby Boomers (the generation born between 1946-1961) find themselves a part of this Sandwich Generation.
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Advance Directives: Why are they important?

Last year, AARP surveyed members 50 years of age and older regarding end of life issues and noted that over half of the respondents did not have a living will or a health care power of attorney.
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