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Older Veterans May Be Entitled to Additional VA Benefits to Cover Long-Term Care Expenses | Tampa Elder Lawyers

Tampa elder lawyers have good news for wartime veterans and their spouses that a little- known benefit from the VA exists to help cover costs associated with long-term care. Understanding the Aid & Attendance Benefit The Aid and Attendance Pension is a 3-tiered tax-free benefit that is available for wartime veterans and their spouses who need financial assistance or simply need help covering the
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Are You a Veteran with a Special Needs Child?

Are you a veteran with a special needs child? Did you know that the Department of Defense recently implemented the Military Child Protection Act? This allows military members and retirees to elect to have their pension annuity or the Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) paid to a special needs trust for the benefit of a child who is “disabled” pursuant to Social Security’s definition. This
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Veteran Benefits What You Need To Know

Are you a veteran and wondering about your veteran benefits? I meet with veterans every day who have served only a couple of years and think that the length of service they served was not long enough to to earn them any “perks” through the V.A. They are quite surprised when I tell them that, because they served for at least 90 days, one day
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What Government Benefits Are Available To Help Pay For Senior Housing?

As an elder law attorney, I help people understand what government benefits are available to help pay for senior housing.  Many times, people are confused about whether they can qualify for any help to pay for their living expenses.  As part of the series for Older American’s Month, this article focuses on the benefits that are available to seniors, depending on the type of
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VA Look-back information

One of the major differences between Medicaid and VA benefits (pension benefits known as “Aid and Attendance” that help pay for long term care), is that the VA does not have a look-back period for transfers of assets.  When applying for benefits which will help pay for nursing home care through Medicaid, there is a look-back period of five (5) years, meaning that, if
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Honoring our nation’s WWII Veterans

My grandfather served in World War II and was very proud of the service he gave to our country. Not only was my grandfather a veteran, but as is my father.   Although I never had the opportunity to serve our country, I have the distinct honor of serving the veterans who fought and died for our freedoms by acting as a guardian for
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Veterans Day 2012: Honoring those who serve our country

Veterans Day is Sunday, November 11th and it is a time to honor all American veterans who have served, both living and dead.  I hope you’ll take the time to thank a Veteran for their service to our wonderful country and let them know that you appreciate the sacrifices they have made for us. I have quite a few veterans that come into my
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The Great American Tragedy: Homelessness Among Our Veterans

An article in USA Today reports that on a given night, more than 75,000 veterans (male and female) are living homeless on the streets of their cities. Nearly half (40%) of all homeless males are veterans. The homeless are often looked down upon in American society. They are often seen as lowly beggars, leeching off of the system. The true tragedy is when we
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Top 7 Elder Law, Senior Care Experts to Follow on Twitter

I thought it would be fun to create my own list of top Elder Law and Senior Care related twitter feeds that I enjoy following.  These are people that I follow from around the country who are the top in their field of law or who have business that help the elderly.  So, without further ado, here are my top picks (in no particular
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What portion of the living expenses are deductible for the Aid and Attendance benefit?

In order to calculate the benefit a veteran or his/her surviving spouse will receive, the VA deducts unreimbursed medical expenses (UME’s).  If a veteran or surviving spouse is entitled to Aid and Attendance (because they meet the medical qualifications), the VA allows for all reasonable fees paid to a facility to be deducted so long as the facility provides some medical or nursing services
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