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Protecting Children With Special Needs

The Florida legislature this year actually managed to pass some meaningful legislation protecting children with special needs.  One such law was the Regis Little Act which is designed to protect children in foster care who have special needs and are aging out of the system.  Governor Scott signed this act into law on June 10, 2015.  The act came into being because of Regis
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Durable Power of Attorney – Why does your eighteen year old need one?

Do you have children that have turned eighteen or about to turn eighteen? Do you have children that are in college or on their way to college? A few things every parent should know when your child turns 18 Did you realize that once your child turns eighteen your rights as their parent cease to exist (and this also applies to the parent of
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Springing Powers of Attorney – still viable in Florida?

Springing Powers of Attorney – still viable in Florida? Very often, a client wants me to prepare a durable power of attorney for them that cannot be used until they are determined to be incapacitated.  This is because persons who serve as agents under a power of attorney have a lot of control over the principal’s assets and can use the power of attorney
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Who do I name in my estate planning documents? Decisions, Decisions

Who do I name in my estate planning documents? The hardest decision for some (once they’ve decided to do their estate planning) is who to name in the documents to make decisions. Who do you want to name as the personal representative (also commonly referred to as the “executor”) of your estate – the person that handles your estate after you die? If you
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Estate planning after a Divorce

So, you’ve gone through a divorce (and it’s probably taken an emotional toll) and you are thankful that the process is over….or is it?  Prior to your divorce, you and your spouse may have taken the time to do your estate planning.  Or perhaps you had listed your spouse as beneficiary on your life insurance and/or retirement plans?  Well, what happens after a divorce? 
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The 3 most important documents every parent should have for their college-bound teenager

Don’t you love that Office Depot jingle where the father is all excited because it’s time to go shopping for school supplies and get the children back to school?  It always makes me laugh.  It’s also an exciting time for those parents who have children about to go to college for the first time (or returning to college). But did you know that once
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Why is a Guardianship Necessary?

Why is a guardianship necessary?  A guardianship is a legal proceeding whereby an individual (the “ward) is determined to be incapacitated, their rights are taken away, and a guardian is appointed to take care of the ward and exercise the legal rights of the ward.   If someone becomes incapacitated and cannot handle their financial affairs or cannot physically take care of themselves, a guardianship
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The New Florida Durable Power of Attorney statute

Among the new laws which the Florida legislature passed this session were substantial changes to the Durable Power of Attorney Statute.  A durable power of attorney (DPOA) is a document in which you appoint someone to legally act on your behalf.  Essentially, your agent steps into your shoes to handle your affairs.  Currently, DPOA’s can take effect immediately or they can be “springing” meaning
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Going to the Chapel and we’re gonna get….our estate planning done?

So, now you are married.  Have you thought about any financial or estate planning now that you are newlyweds?  Maybe going to buy your first home?  As a married couple, you may begin to acquire joint assets and, if both of you were involved in a sudden accident and passed away, how would you want those assets distributed among your family members?  Maybe you
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