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Tampa Estate Lawyers: Legal Planning After a Cancer Diagnosis – Part Two

In the previous blog post, our Tampa Estate Lawyers covered the first two legal areas you should address if you have recently been diagnosed with cancer. In this post, we’ll cover the remaining issues you should now focus on: Creating a financial roadmap Making a plan to pay for long-term care Leaving your family with a roadmap of your financial affairs can take a tremendous
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Tampa Estate Lawyer: Legal Planning Steps to Take After a Cancer Diagnosis – Part One

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, you are likely dealing with a lot of stress, emotions, and administrative overwhelm. One of the issues that typically comes up during this trying time is estate planning. As a Tampa estate lawyer, I always say that it’s far better to put your estate plan in place long before you need it, but
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Tampa Bay Will and Trust Lawyers Warn Millennials to Move Estate Planning to The Top of the Priority List

Wills and trusts are only something you need when you are older and approaching the end of your life…right?  This assumption is probably why most people think that our Tampa Bay will and trust lawyers at the Law Offices of Laurie E. Ohall only work with retired individuals looking for the best way to leave their assets to their adult children. The truth is
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Tampa Bay Estate Attorney: 3 Disadvantages of Joint Tenancy with an Adult Child

Joint tenancy is a great tool for estate planning but it does not work in every situation. It is typically used for couples or business partners. As a Tampa Bay Estate Attorney, I’m sometimes asked the question “Will joint tenancy be a good way to pass assets to our child?” Normally the answer is “no” as this can cause a number of problems. Problem
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Will Your Estate Plan Work the Way You Think? Brandon Estate Planning Lawyer Says, “Take This Quiz and Find Out!”

As a Brandon Estate Planning Lawyer, I want you to know that your estate plan is the legal foundation that will ensure that your family benefits from the legacy you’ve spent a lifetime to build. In a way, your estate plan is a reflection of your life. Because your life is constantly evolving due to births, marriages and other significant events, your estate plan
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Estate Planning in Brandon is Necessary for Everyone- Especially those Without Children

Estate planning in Brandon can help people without children ensure that their wishes are honored, that someone is authorized to manage their finances and/or healthcare, and that their assets are ultimately passed down to someone of their choosing. Estate planning in Brandon is important for everyone. Many people mistakenly believe that estate planning only directs where you want to leave your money and property.
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Brandon Will and Trust Lawyer: Should You Leave Different Inheritance Amounts To Your Kids?

It is pretty common for parents to distribute their assets equally among their children when they pass away.  As a Brandon Will and Trust Lawyer, I see this often. However, this is not always the best choice for families. In some circumstances, the fair thing to do is not always equal shares for all.  If any of these circumstances apply to you, then you
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New Years’ Resolutions – Is Your Estate Planning in Order?

I was reading a magazine article entitled “Make a New Year’s Resolution to Give Your Estate Plan a Checkup” by Deborah L. Jacobs, and I was reminded about how much people dislike going to see their estate planning attorney (I think we’re right up there with dentists, probably higher).  One may wonder what is the point of planning ahead, and I’d like to give
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What to expect when you call an Estate Planning & Elder Law Attorney

As you may see from past blog posts, I get many ideas about what to write in my posts from the phone calls I receive on a weekly basis.  I get at least one phone call a week (usually, it is more than that) wanting to know how much it costs for a Durable Power of Attorney, or how much it costs to do
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Why Do I Need To Name a Guardian for my Children?

Ever asked yourself why do I need to name a guardian for my children? When our children are young, our goal is to see them grow up to graduate high school, maybe go to college, get married and one day have children.  Unfortunately, that may not be the case for some of us.  That is why it is important to do your planning to make
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