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Hillsborough County Probate Attorney Offers 6 Tips to Avoid a Will Contest

When you create a will, you should be able to rest easy knowing that your wishes will be honored and followed when you pass away. However, if someone in your life is unhappy with what your will says, it is possible that it could be contested in court.  As a Hillsborough County probate attorney, I see this more often than I like.  In situations
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Do YOU have a Last Will and Testament?

According to Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, only one-third of Americans have a Last Will and Testament.  What does that mean?  A Last Will and Testament (not to be confused with a Living Will) is a writing, signed in front of two witnesses and a notary, that states who you want to have your assets when you die, and who you want to administer your estate
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Preparing Your Own Will – To Do Or Not To Do

Planning on preparing you own will?  I understand the reasons why some people want to prepare their own estate planning documents themselves – they want to save money or maybe they do not have the funds to go see an attorney, so they try to do it themselves. I get that. However, the problem with doing it yourself is that there are so many
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Making End of Life Decisions

Making End of Life Decisions Whenever I talk to people about creating a living will (which outlines important health care decisions that you want – and, not to be confused with a Last Will and Testament, which specifies who you want to inherit your assets and who will administer your estate at your death), the name Terri Schiavo usually comes up. Her situation is
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