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What does it mean to have an “estate plan”?

Last Will and Testament is important part of estate planning We blog often about having an "estate plan," why you should do it, and why it is important.  However, many people do not understand what it is to have an estate plan. Many think that you have to have a lot of [...]

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2018 Changes to Medicare Part A and B Cost Increases

Every year benefit programs used by older adults change based on Cost of Living adjustments (COLA) or other factors. Some key changes are already in place; more are due at the end of January. Changes in Social Security benefit calculations are of particular importance because these changes can trigger special provisions affecting Medicare premiums [...]

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Brandon Trust Lawyer: You Don’t Have to Be a Rockefeller to Create a Charitable Trust!

Do you have a cause that you really believe in? Most of us do. Perhaps you dream of supporting your favorite charity or non-profit with money, but you aren’t quite as prosperous as the Rockefeller family and don’t feel that you can make a meaningful contribution.  As a Brandon Trust Lawyer, I’m happy to tell [...]

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4 Basic Steps of Probate in Florida

Here at the Law Office of Laurie E. Ohall, we frequently meet with first-time Personal Representatives (executors) who are overwhelmed by probate in Florida and the duties that go along with it. If you are not familiar with the process, the legal and financial task you now face can seem scary.  There is a lot [...]

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Older Veterans May Be Entitled to Additional VA Benefits to Cover Long-Term Care Expenses | Tampa Elder Lawyers

Tampa elder lawyers have good news for wartime veterans and their spouses that a little- known benefit from the VA exists to help cover costs associated with long-term care. Understanding the Aid & Attendance Benefit The Aid and Attendance Pension is a 3-tiered tax-free benefit that is available for wartime veterans and their spouses who [...]

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Parents of Graduating Seniors in Tampa…Did You Know??

Parents of graduating seniors in Tampa... Did you know... Now that your graduating senior is “legally” an adult, you can no longer make important medical or financial decisions on his or her behalf?   Your graduating senior may still be your baby, but in the eyes of the law, he or she is now an ADULT! [...]

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Tampa Will and Trust Lawyer Offers Planning Tips for Blended Families

If you are re-married with children from a previous relationship, or if you married someone who brought children from a previous relationship to your marriage, there are likely urgent estate planning issues that, together as a family, you’ll want to address with a Tampa will and trust lawyer. The state of Florida and most states [...]

Tampa Bay Elder Lawyers: 5 Preventive Steps to Help Your Elderly Loved One Avoid Financial Exploitation

Tampa Bay Elder Lawyers often warn that elderly loved ones are at increased risk of financial exploitation. Scammers target the older generation knowing that their cognitive abilities are likely in decline and that they are not typically tech-savvy. Predators can rob your loved one of their entire life savings – we’ve seen it.  That is [...]

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Tampa Estate Lawyers: Legal Planning After a Cancer Diagnosis – Part Two

In the previous blog post, our Tampa Estate Lawyers covered the first two legal areas you should address if you have recently been diagnosed with cancer. In this post, we’ll cover the remaining issues you should now focus on: Creating a financial roadmap Making a plan to pay for long-term care Leaving your family with a [...]

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Tampa Estate Lawyer: Legal Planning Steps to Take After a Cancer Diagnosis – Part One

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, you are likely dealing with a lot of stress, emotions, and administrative overwhelm. One of the issues that typically comes up during this trying time is estate planning. As a Tampa estate lawyer, I always say that it’s far better to put your estate [...]

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