The Florida House of Representatives will vote on a sweeping overhaul of Florida’s Medicaid program by Thursday, with debate starting TOMORROW. This is a dangerous bill that puts the well-being of 3 million Floridians- including poor children, pregnant women, disabled and seniors- at risk.

Call and write your Representative TODAY and tell them to VOTE NO to HB 7107 and HB 7109

Tell them:

I urge Representative _________ to OPPOSE House Bills 7107 and 7109, the Medicaid managed care proposal that would hand over the delivery of health care to HMOs for our state’s most vulnerable citizens. This risky proposal would put the interests of for-profit companies before those of Florida health consumers and taxpayers.  It builds on a failed Medicaid Reform program that has a long list of problems that haven’t been fixed including a lack of transparency and oversight. These bills do not offer consumer protections or proven methods of saving Florida money.

Other states have improved health outcomes and lowered costs through coordinated care or “medical homes”. Our state could now be receiving funds to implement a similar program but refuses to do so. We must implement a solution that makes better sense.

What the bills do:

  • Require all Florida Medicaid recipients to enroll in an HMO-like health plan, eliminating the Medi-pass program
  • Give unprecedented power to HMOs and HMO-like-plans to alter the health benefits and services of Florida’s most vulnerable citizens.
  • Expand the flawed Medicaid Reform pilot currently operating in 5 counties statewide, putting millions of Floridians at risk for delays in receiving medically necessary care. Watch the video of families stuck in the Broward Medicaid Reform Pilot.

Read Florida CHAIN’s analysis, more information on Medicaid and media coverage of the Medicaid debate.

Please urge your legislative representative to vote against any legislation that makes our most vulnerable even more so.

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Click here to contact the Governor
Click here to find your Florida State Senator.
Click here to find your Florida House Representative [/fancy_titled_box]

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