How does the Medicaid Reform in Florida affect me?

Medicaid Reform in Florida

Under the Medicaid reform laws, Medicaid recipients are required to sign up for a new health plan within 30 days of being notified that it is time to pick a health plan.  All Medicaid recipients are required to enroll in a managed care plan unless specifically exempted.  Medicaid recipients which are exempted from enrolling include those with developmental disabilities, those under the medically needy program and individuals enrolled in Hospice, among others.  Medicaid recipients who are required to enroll include those who are in assisted living facilities and nursing homes.

How does Medicaid Reform in Florida Affect Seniors?

Recipients have a choice of plans and may select any available plan unless the plan is restricted to a specific population of recipients.   There will be “Choice Counselors” who are not employed by the managed care companies and who will be able to provide detailed information about the various health plans available.  The Agency for Healthcare Administration will enroll all Medicaid recipients into a long-term care managed care plan for those who do not voluntarily choose a plan.  A Medicaid recipient who has enrolled into a managed care plan will have 90 days to voluntarily dis-enroll and select another plan.

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