The current Florida Medicaid system is definitely in need of repair.  Is this an appropriate way to fix the problem?  Agency officials have given their plans. What’s your take?

Article From the News-Press | 8:06 PM, May. 8, 2012 

Florida Medicaid officials have asked the federal government to approve major changes in a program that serves tens of thousands of people with costly medical conditions, seeking to install a type of managed care and require monthly premium payments.

The Agency for Health Care Administration, carrying out a 2011 law, requested changes in the state’s Medically Needy program. In a document sent to the federal government in late April, the agency said the proposed changes would improve care for beneficiaries.

“The proposed demonstration (the changes) will improve the effectiveness of the Medically Needy program by providing access for this population to an integrated service-delivery system of health care,” the document said.

But Florida CHAIN, a patients-advocacy group, blasted the proposal. It said, in part, that most Medically Needy patients would not be able to “remotely” afford monthly premiums that are part of the plan.

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