Top 7 Elder Law, Senior Care Experts to Follow on Twitter

I thought it would be fun to create my own list of top Elder Law and Senior Care related twitter feeds that I enjoy following.  These are people that I follow from around the country who are the top in their field of law or who have business that help the elderly.  So, without further ado, here are my top picks (in no particular order):

Patti Dudek

1.   Patti Dudek:  Patti’s Blog is amazing!  I don’t know where she gets all the time to write as much as she does, but she is a staunch advocate for the rights of those with disabilities and I am honored to know her.  Patti is a Michigan attorney and is very active in the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys.





2. Victoria Collier : Victoria is a Georgia attorney who is also very active in the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys and helps fight for the rights of veterans and the benefits to which they are entitled.  She posts a lot of useful info via Facebook and Twitter (and I enjoy sharing her posts).
Victoria’s Website 






3. Marc Whitehead & Associates- – I follow Marc on Twitter.  He tweets regularly about disability issues, such as what is considered a “disability” by Social Security, and things to consider when purchasing long term disability insurance.  He always has useful information.
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4. Dale Krause:  Need information about annuities or other investments for Medicaid or VA benefit planning?  Dale Krause’s blog  will provide you with easy to understand explanations of planning techniques!
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5. Debbie Burak:  Looking for information on Veteran’s benefits that is easy to understand?  Debbie Burak is one of my favorites on Twitter and her website shows how dedicated she is to helping Veterans!  Check her out at!
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6. Darylnn Morgan:
 California attorney, Darlynn Morgan has a great blog and regularly tweets information to her followers.  I recently stumbled onto her website and I love how she puts things in a way that is easy for the lay person to understand.
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7. Richard Meyer:
 Of course, I cannot leave out my husband’s firm of Browning, Meyer and Ball Co., LPA  – the firm is based in Ohio and their website has a ton of useful information concerning estate planning and elder law.  My favorite part of their website is “planning for all stages of life.”
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Honorable Mention:  Although Mr. Antunez does not have a twitter profile (that I could find), I would be remiss not to include his blog as a great source of information:

Florida Probate and Trust litigation blog – – this blog is written by Juan C. Antunez, Miami, FL, who is not an elder law attorney, but blogs about cases that many elder law attorneys find themselves faced with.  His blog is really tailored to attorneys (not lay people) because he discusses the most recent Florida case law and it is full of great information.  Juan blogs about the newest litigation cases for probate, guardianship and estate planning issues and you can even search by year, going back to 2005.  This is definitely one of the places I go to when I need to research the most recent Florida probate litigation cases!


Have we forgotten someone?

In an attempt to find some great experts for my community to follow on twitter, I may have inadvertently left out a few folks. If you know a great elder law, estate planning, veterans or senior resource on social media, please leave me the information in the comments below.

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