What is the difference between a living will and a DNR?

A DNR order is not the same as a living will.  A DNR is an order signed by a doctor which indicates that the patient should not be resuscitated.   This has to be signed by both the doctor and the patient (or their healthcare surrogate, healthcare proxy or court appointed guardian).  Click here to see what a DNR looks like:


A Living will, on the other hand, is a legal document that allows an individual to state whether or not they wish to be kept alive by artificial means if they are terminally ill, in a persistent vegetative state or in an end stage condition.  The individual can state their specific preferences as to whether they wish to be kept alive with life support or other medical treatments.  An individual can also list who they wish to name as their healthcare surrogate, or the person that will make those decisions for them in the event that they cannot do so themselves.

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