What is your religion’s view on Living Wills?

Last year, a couple came into my office to sign their estate planning documents.  They were Catholic and when it came time to sign the Living Will, the husband refused to sign it because he was unsure of the Catholic Church’s view on Living Wills.  He stated that he wanted to be kept alive by all means necessary because he believed that was what God would have wanted.  I was taken aback, to say the least.  I’d never had anyone question a faith’s position on Living Wills (other than a Jehovah’s Witness who had an “approved form” which she wanted to sign).

That got me to thinking – what are the positions of various faiths and how do they feel about one of their followers not wanting to be kept alive by artificial means?  Below are links that I found which may be helpful to you.


Catholic view – http://www.ewtn.com/morals/end-of-life.htm


Southern Baptist Convention views on euthanasia and assisted suicide – http://www.sbc.net/resolutions/amResolution.asp?ID=493 (within the resolution it discusses their position on keeping someone alive by artificial means and making them comfortable)


Jewish position – http://www.jlaw.com/Articles/right.html


Muslim view – http://www.isna.net/Leadership/pages/Islamic-Medical-Ethics.aspx


Hindu view – http://www.eubios.info/EJ136/ej136f.htm


Buddhist view – http://www.che.org/members/ethics/docs/1275/Buddhist.pdf


Good overview of different religious views (including Jehovah’s Witness) – Click Here 


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